Maternal Health

Maternal Health

The Maternity Clinic provides prenatal care to pregnant women in Cleveland and surrounding counties. The clinic is staffed by a physician, public health nurses, social workers, health educators, and nutritionists. The staff of the maternity clinic is committed to providing each client with quality, caring and individualized care to meet their specific needs. The Maternity Clinic at the Cleveland County Public Health Center strives for excellent care with the goal being a healthy mom delivering a healthy baby.

We do advise you to apply for Medicaid prior to your first appointment. If it is not approved, you can still come for your appointment. We do not advise missing prenatal care appointments due to lack of insurance. Pregnancy Care Managers can assist as needed with Medicaid application questions.

Free interpreting services are available for many different languages to ensure patients have a full understanding of services.

What happens when I visit the maternity clinic?

First visit:

  • Evaluation of medical history with an RN
  • Education Materials:  You will learn about medications, pre-term labor signals, stages of labor, foods to avoid, cord blood banking, etc.
  • Brief Nutritionist visit and WIC certification
  • Social Assessment:  Work with a social worker to identify any outstanding psychosocial needs
  • Ultrasounds will be not performed at 1st visit as this is primarily for a detailed history with the RN. At the 2nd visit (Physical Exam with MD), a dating ultrasound may be performed on patients who have not had one previously and in First Trimester. Routine anatomy ultrasounds will be scheduled at 18 weeks.
  • To allow for the patient’s privacy during the 1st appointment (detailed history) family/significant others will be asked to remain in the waiting room until the end of the visit. First visits may last around 2 hours to complete. If you are able to leave small children at home this may assist with expediting the visit.

Future visits:

  • Time with a physician and registered nurses- blood pressure and fetal heart rate assessed at each visit.
  • Breastfeeding classes (if desired)
  • Referrals to outside resources if needed.
  • Lamaze/Prepared Childbirth classes with a Tour of Atrium Health – Cleveland Labor and Delivery.
  • Referral to Nurse Family Partnership (for first time mothers)
  • Partners or family are welcome to come with patients to recheck visits if they desire to hear baby’s heartbeat or attend an ultrasound but will be asked to return to the waiting area, when that is complete, for the remainder of the visit. Partners are also encouraged to attend any educational classes with patient.

How do I get started?

Updated: We do not accept home pregnancy test as proof of pregnancy; however, you can call 980-484-5100 to schedule a pregnancy test through our Family Planning clinic and once a positive result is received you will be able to schedule a new prenatal appointment.

Patients are encouraged to start prenatal care early and first appointments are scheduled at 8 weeks gestation.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call 980-484-5153 and our staff will be glad to assist you.

Please see our Maternity Brochure for more explanation of services and benefits of Maternal Health.